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How to price your jewelry on ebay
Pricing jewelry is an art farm. It can be truly confusing. You don't want to price it too high and you don't want to price it too low. If you price it too high it will stay in your store forever, and if you price it too low you don't make enough profit. A good way to determine how much to list your product for is by looking at the past sales. This is one of the gems of knowledge eBay provides. It really helps sellers figure out how much their products could sell for, not just how much people are asking for them.
How to take the right pictures of jewelry to sell on Ebay
It can be challenging to make your jewelry stand out to buyers on eBay. Buyers scroll through the eBay gallery and it can easily get blended into the abyss of the other pieces. In this post we will try to provide you with useful tips to get buyers to click on your products and hopefully complete a sale.
How to use the right keywords to sell jewelry on Ebay
Selling on Ebay can seem like a daunting task with all the competition. Especially products like jewelry, how do you get someone to find your listing? Well, that is actually the first step. You first need to get buyers to find your listing amongst all the rest on ebay. How do you do that? That would be KEYWORDS my friends. You need to use the right KEYWORDS for each piece. We would like to give you an example. Below we have two jewelry pieces that are very similar. However, one sold for almost 4 times as much. Let's take a look at how the more expensive one has better key words. First, you need to put yourself in your buyer's shoes