Junk Jewelry

We call these lots junk jewelry because they normally consists of shelf pulls, returns, or salvaged merchandise. These are great for people who have a little bit of time to sort through the jewelry and repair it to sell it for enormous profits. Some people even scavange these lots for jewelry making parts, like beads and stones, chains, findings charms and more!

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Junk Jewelry, Repairable, High-end & Fashion Mix, 11 LBS

Hera & White Hot junk jewelry. This particular lot has more repairable items in it, idea for you to make some quick fixes and make a profit. Special pricing, limited quantities available. 11 LBS for only $99 , including FREE SHIPPING!

Junk Jewelry for Parts & Findings 11 LBS

Salvage junk jewelry for parts by the LBS. 11 LBS for only $50.00, including FREE SHIPPING!

Junk Jewelry, WHITE HOT, 11 LBS

11 LBS., including FREE SHIPPING!
$99.00 $79.00

Junk Jewelry, HERA, 11 LBS

11 LBS including FREE SHIPPING! HERA junk jewelry sold by LBS for repair, resale or wear.